The german peasants war of 1525, its precursors and main actors, Ulrich von Hutten, Thomas Muenzer and Florian Geyer.

Jan Hus


The Dutch Revolt

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The german peasants war 1525

"The masters themselves created a situation, in which the poor man was forced to become their enemy. If they did not remove the causes of the upheaval, how could things improve in times to come? Oh, my dear gentlemen, how the Lord will smite with an iron rod all these old pots! When I say so, I am considered rebellious. So be it!"

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The twelve Articles of the Peasants

Friedrich Engels:

The german Peasants war

Part 1: The Economic Situation and Social Classes in Germany
Part 2: The Main Opposition Groups and their Programmes; Luther and Muenzer
Part 3: Precursors: Peasant Uprisings, 1476-1517
Part 4: Uprising of the Nobility
Part 5: The Peasant War in Suabia and Franconia
Part 6: The Peasant War in Thuringia, Alsace and Austria
Part 7: Significance of the Peasant War

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[combat in the peasants war]

Jan Hus


The Dutch Rebellion

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