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Some Leveller-documents:
A solemn Engagement of the Army
The poore wise-mans Admonition
The english Souldiers Standard
A Manifestation from the Tower of London
The baiting of the great Bull of Bashan

The 1774 edition of The Chains of Slavery by Jean Paul Marat in 6 Parts:

An address to the electors of Great Britain
Part 1 Chapters 1 - 18
Part 2 Chapters 19 - 38
Part 3 Chapters 39 - 44
Part 4 Chapters 45 - 58
Part 5 Chapters 59 - 60
Part 6 Chapters 61 - 65
see also: The french edition of 1791 (in french, of course)

The Independence war of the Netherlands

Etienne Marcel and Guillaume Callé
Jan Hus and Jan Zizka
Oliver Cromwell and John Lilburne

John Ball and the english peasants war
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