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The Spanish Civil War

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In these four weeks the inhabitants of Durangos have accomodated themselves. 520 persons are killed, 750 injured by the bombing on April 30.

Almeria or the German Honour.

In the early morning of May 30, 1937, at about half past five, one battle ship and four torpedo boats appeared off Almeria coming from Carthagena. At a quarter to six the ships at a distance of 20 km of the port of Almeria.

The military commander of the city observed the approch from the old coastal battery, which is situated in the north above the port. When the ships arrive at a distance of estimated twelve kilometers before the city they opened fire. The gun shots woke up the city. The inhabitants are frightened. It was not a dream. A rain of shells hits the roofs. Before the people understood what happened, their houses had been destroyed.

Two hundred salvos were fired. The coastal batteries replyed. They got only one hit on one of the torpedo boats.

When at 6h50 the five warships, the cruiser «Leipzig» and the four German torpedo boats moved to Roquete and cape Gata, leaving 19 deads, 55 injured and 32 destroyed houses in Almeria the German Honour had been reestablished, as mentions the third Reich.

The attack on Almeria was after assertion of Hitler «a retaliatory measure to repair the German Honour» after the bombing of the cruiser «Germany» by Spanish government bombers.

In accordance with the noninterference commission in London the cruiser «Germany» in these weeks had to control ship routes outside the spanish territorial waters. The cruiser «Germany» however had left this mission to some «unknown» submarines, who for the simplification of the task sank trading vessels, if the flag did not please them, without any warning. The cruiser «Germany» was meanwhile within the Spanish territorial waters, in the port of the Baleares island Ibiza occupied by the rebels.

On 29 May in the afternoon at five o'clock two twin-engine fast bomber aircraft of the Spanish government were flying to Ibiza. When they approached the port they saw a warship, which immediately opened fire on them. The airplanes dropped four bombs, without hitting. The anti-aicraft guns of the warship continue firing, but they don't shot high enough. The airplanes dropped four other bombs. The chief pilot Aragas asked: «Did we hit them?» The flight engineer answered:


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