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A somewhat strange pamphlet about the Spanish civil war:
written in German, according to the contents it must have been written at the end of 1938 / beginning of 1939, in any case before the end of the civil war. Although in the Spanish civil war on the side of the republic many german anti-fascists participated, thus sufficient German have been there, the pamphlet seems rather been written by a Spaniard, because of the many spelling and grammar errors. I corrected most errors, so that the text is readable.

The contents is interesting for two reasons. On the one hand it is one of the few illegal pamphlets about the Spanish civil war which survived - that it was intended for readers in Germany is clearly said at the end. On the other hand, it is interesting to see the different way in which the events of the Spanish Civil War are presented, how the events are weighted differently. Just one example: Guernica does not have the importance, which it has now, today the other destroyed basque cities are completely forgotten. Or Almeria and the German honour. Spain from a different perspective.

In addition there are pictures on every second page, pictures you will not find elsewhere, impressive pictures of dead children, mothers, the destroyed city of Guernica, but also "German heroes" (what is left of Kneiding ...). Therefore the pamphlet is worthwhile. A proof for German crimes, which no historian can deny. A reminder for all those, who think that this period of history could be forgotten.

Souvenirs of Spain (32 pages)

Cover page
p.3 Hitler bombs on women and children
p.4 Madrid: No pasaran
p.5 photo: The Child Murder in Getafe
p.6 photo: The fate of the Spanish children
p.8 Malaga
p.9 photo: The School of Getafe
p.10 Durango and Guernica
p.11 photo: Devastations in Durango
p.12 photo: Deads in Durango
p.14 Almeria or the German Honour
p.15 photo: Guernica
p.16 Barcelona does not surrender
p.17 photo: The School of Lerida
p.19 photo: A childrens hospital in Barcelona
p.20 photo: Destructions in Barcelona
p.22 the white Moros (the Condor Legion)
p.23 photo: Mother and Child
p.25 photo: Los Junkers Nacionales
p.28 photo: Declaration of pilot prisoners
p.29 photo: What is left of Kneiding
p.31 Peace for the Spanish people

photo montage: Blood in exchange of Iron

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Oh, they go singing. Oh, they go marching.
Oh, they are dying for you and me.
Yes, they are fighting to crush all traitors.
That Franco's triumph shall never be.
The fascist bullets, the fascist bombers,
They leave our cities a smoking mass.
They want to plunder and rule our country,
But at Madrid - They shall not pass.

They murder women, old men and children -
A fascist action, a cowards crime.
These deeds of horror will be remembered,
Will blacken ever the page of time.
From our dead heroes new life arises,
New lives go forward in one great mass.
The cannon thunder, the whole earth trembles,
But at Madrid - They shall not pass!

For further reading: poeple from many countries came to spain to defend the Spanish Republic. the following site gives information and rare documents on Irish involvement in the Spanish Civil War: Ireland and the Spanish Civil War.

Probably the most important source for American participation in the spanish civil war can be found at the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Association site.