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The Spanish Civil War

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those who die in the military hospital as consequence of important injuries, without care, without being allowed the visit of their family.

Parents must conceal the death of their children. They do no more dare to look each other in the face. They may no more share their pain.

Peace to the Spanish people!

There was a time, when the Spanish people liked Germany and everything that was German as a high culture, was admired in Spain as exemplary and good.

Today there are German pilots, German bombs, which commit the mass murder at Spanish women and children, who devastate Spanish cities, who destroy Spanish art treasures and by doing so rob all the grandiose witnesses of human genius from the the entire humanity.

Today Hitler's Germany is for the Spanish people the country, from which come death and destruction, horror and infinite sufferings. And the Spanish people asks: Why do Germans shoot at us, to whom we never did any wrong? We never threatened Germany and its interests.

Yes, why do Germans shoot at Spaniards? We ask Hitler: Why do you force our sons to shoot at a people, that never threatened us, never attacked us, never did any injustice? Why do our sons have to die in a foreign country, where a courageous people fights against its oppressors, struggles with Heroism for its liberty and independence?

Hitler wants to conquer Spain, in order to rob its treasures and to get a base for the coming war, which he plans, a base against France and England. For that any means is good. For this reason he sends the airplanes and weapons to Franco, which are forged with our sweat, our money and our blood, for this he sends our sons to sure death and lets them murder defenseless women and children.

But we, the German people, we are not Hitler and not Krupp, we are no child murderers, we do not want our honest names damned and violated in the whole world. We are on the side of the Spanish republic, where the people against the Junker and generals, against which eliminator and exploiter fight, for its liberty and also for our liberty, because it fights against Hitler! We are on the side of those Germans, those best of our sons, who fight in the international brigades for the Spanish republic, in order to repair the enormous injustice, which -Germany forced by Hitler - does to the Spanish people.

German mothers, you who love your children, German fathers, you who fear for the well-being of your family, look once more at the photographs of the woman


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