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The Spanish Civil War

and child corpses, killed by bombs, look well at them, so that they will never disappear from your memory.Those who committed this crime, were Germans, Hitler is the author and responsable of this crime and therefore are it is an obligation and duty of each honest German, each German mother to protest loud and passionately and to stop the murders of the defenseless civilian population. Tell everybody: In Spain German soldiers are killing defenseless women and children!

Doe not close your heart, your eyes and ears at the suffering of the Spanish people. Doe not say: «Spain is far, we are not concerned of what happens there.»It concerns you very much, because what happens today in Spain, can come tomorrow over Germany and the German people! Because the war, which Hitler by all means wants to provoke, would take place in Germany, Germany would be the place of the coming largest, cruelest of all wars. Then German cities and villages will be destroyed, -Madrid then will be called Berlin, Barcelona will be Frankfurt and Guernica a small town in Thuringia. Then German children on the way to school will be buried under debris and German women be complaining before the dead bodies of their kids, as you see on these pictures the Spanish women before their killed children.

Never this may be! Hitler may not begin the new world war!

In the name of humanity, in the name of justice, in the name of the German people we raise our voice and shout:

Do not accept any longer that Hitler continues the destruction war against the innocent Spanish people!

Do not tolerate any longer that Hitler sends millions of marks of German national treasure to Franco, taxes pressed out of the working people to be able to better destroy a courageous, liberty-loving people.

Do not bear any longer that you are in the need and must do slave work, so that Hitler can pursue his criminal aims in Spain!

Do not tolerate that one forces your sons to shoot at innocent people and that they are sacrified.

Enough of this inhuman mass murder of defenseless women and children!

German troops out of Spain!

No man, no penny for Franco!

Peace and liberty to the Spanish people, which has not done us any harm!

Each human, whom a feeling heart strikes in the chest, will support this. But also for the sake of Germany, in order to prevent a new world war!

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