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The Spanish Civil War

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to conquer Madrid within a few weeks and strike down the Spanish Republic.

The republican peoples militia expected the enemy in the open field, hardly armed, to resist or die. The planes throw bombs from an unattainable height. They came down and fired at the militia with machine guns. Only when the the defenders were killed, the «storm sections» advanced. Before they engaged into a village, an air bombardment drove the habitants into the fields, into the mountains, into death. In October 1936 the Spanish government disposed of only one bomber aircraft. Franco had with the help of Hitler and Mussollini several hundreds.

The elementary school of Getafé near Madrid was attended by the children from several surrounding villages. 300 children from 6 to 12 years learned reading and writing in Getafé. They learned the essentials of geography and history: «Spain is a democratic republic», they learned, which defends itself against the generals revolt. Italy and Germany, formerly countries of great culture, which are controlled now by fascism, support the rebels with soldiers, with weapons, with airplanes ...»

The «Junkers Nacionales», those pilots sent by Hitler, were not long to give proof of these lessons. Within a few minutes, in the morning of October 30, 1936 their bombs killed 63 children in the school of Getafé.

The dead children were photographed in presence of English press correspondents. The «Stuermer» of Nuremberg, who soiled every week all notions of honour, dignity and truthfulness, reproduces some these photographs and lies in addition, this were - victims of the «reds».

While the publication of these pictures of Getafé is strictly forbidden in the rebel area.

Madrid: «No Pasaran»

Since the end of October the airplanes appear nearly every day over Madrid. Franco believes he can intimidate the city. But the streets remain crowded, curious people observe how the own combat planes attack the superior hostile airplanes. The «Capronis» come down to the streets of Madrid. At a height of 100 meters they open the machine gun fire. The observers run away, into the houses. From a altitude of 3000 meters Hitlers Trimotor Ju 52 drop their 3000-Kilo-Bombs on the streets. At the edge of the deep funnels the torn tramway rails strain up. Many children, many mothers are among the victims.


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