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The Spanish Civil War

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he says to the other helpers: «Now I go to the front, fight against the murderers!»

In all factories the men unite, to go together from the factories on trucks to the front. They are accompanied by their wives, their children. Except a small bag everyone has a cover, otherwise they have their working dress. Car by car is leaving Barcelona, direction Taragone-Tortosa, where they fight against the fascists.

Franco did not succeed in demoralizing the Spanish people but more decided than ever to destroy this murderer fascism.

When the Greeks opposed 3000 years ago the persian invaders at the Thermopyles, the commander of the persian troops declared: «Surrender. Our arrows will darken the sky. »The Greeks answered: «So we will fight in the dark.»

For two years the German and Italian airplanes darken the Spanish sky. And every evening at sunset the Spanish villages sink into darkness. The Spanish people fights in the dark. But it does not surrender.

In the March days in Barcelona almost 1000 persons were killed, more than 3000 injured. In the following time the Bombings did not diminish. They have rather increased in number and force.

During the air raids until August 1938 more than 15,000 children, more than 3000 women, a total of more than 100,000 persons were killed. Their crime was, as General Franco declared two years ago, to be «innocent».

The white Moros

«Died in an accident - died in the exercise of his duties - suffered pilot death» - announcements with such texts accumulate since two years in the press of the German Reich. Every week the «black corps», the organ of the SS, deplores the sudden loss of young, German peoples comrade.

Put together, these all would result in the casualty list of the German intervention in Spain. The German reader understands the open secret. He reads with his breath coming to a hold. He is frightened, if he reads a well-known name. He is shocked, if he reads the name of his son - even before the ashes of the victim of the «accident» arrive in his house.

Five years ago there was a column in the newspapers «shot when trying to escape». The victims were the so-called «public enemies». Today it reads within a black frame: «died pilots death ...»the victims are the so-called «elite»of the German youth.


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