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The Spanish Civil War

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«That's right»

«Are you aware that you are nothing different than a high traitor, who participates in a rebellion against the legal Spanish government, and that you would have to be shot according to the law?»

«Yes, I feel the sad of my situation. Nobody cares of me me. Those who sent me, did it secretly. Now I am filed as missing. I do not even know whether my brothers and sisters have got a message about my fate. In the third Reich the life of the particular does not count very much.»

«As well as the life of the masses is not more estimated there.»

On the question, whether he is ready to write down these declarations he explains: «Jawohl, I will write that. But first my lever and my hand must be cured, at present unfortunately I can not write. I will write that I committed great injustice. A second time I will not get involved in such things.»

Due to the conversations, which took place with them, a number of the caught pilots, made declarations, in which they condemned their «mission in Spain». One of them says: «This is really my first volunteer action - since I was leaving Hamburg.»

Guenther Loehning, NCO from the fighter squadron Boelcke, based in Hanover, who had been shipped on January 15, on the steamer Nicea to Sevilla, wrote on February 27, as a prisoner of war in Valencia the following:

«At the start of a free declaration I would like to say here that I do not write something down, in order to obtain personal advantages thereby. On the contrary, I have the conviction, that the way, which I hereby begin, will be a more cumbersome, as the future would heve been waiting quietly.

Today I feel it is my obligation to express that I have not always been have been consistent in my actions with respect to my convictions. I regret sincerely as a German NCO having accepted a duty assignment for foreign interests and thereby becoming a mercenary against the Spanish people. To risk ones life has a sense only if one is completely convinced of the mision. Likewise one can combat others only if the necessity is clearly established. After the many new impressions, I am willing to speak more about this.

Guenther Loehning
NCO in the squadron Boelcke, Hanover.»


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