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The Spanish Civil War

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Ehle, Ruetsch, fitter, Greiser, everyone had a woman.

March 31. Air raid in the morning at 9.45 o'clock at the Biskaya front. 11,55 o'clock other attack. 2 o'clock pm on many trucks and people. Explosions. Many hits. 3,45 pm again an attack on the same column. In the evening good supper. Then in the Puff (brothel).

April 3. Start to San Sebastian. Nice stroll. Then changed into civilian clothes and with taxi in the brothel. Attracting women. Three times. Very nice afterwards...»

It is understandable that such persons - who were killing during the day women and children with their bombs and who are looking in the evening for «recreation» in the brothel, are surprised if they are decently treated when taken prisoner. The fighters of the peoples front have another understanding of honour as «the heroes of Almeria».

A German anti-fascist had the following conversation with the captured flight engineer Leo Siegmund from Neidingen in East Prussia:

«Are you actually a prisoner of war?»

«I don't know exactly.»

«Why don't you know that? Can you affirm that Hitler declared war on the Spanish people?»

«Actually you are right. Hitler did not declare the war. But I had to go to Spain. I was offered three to four hundred Marks per month, if I would go to Spain. I would have rather gone to Lufthansa. But after I had been solicitated by an officer, whom I knew, I could no longer refuse to go to Spain.»

«Why couldn't you refuse any longer?»

«The officer had power to remove me completely from working as a pilot. I have seven brothers and sisters in East Prussia. The youngest sister is only thirteen years old. I did not want to ba at their charge.»

«But Hitler says, in Germany today everyone can find work?»

«If I would have been dicharged from the Air Force, I would not have gotten any work. Except in the concentration camp. The officer could declare me as politically unreliable.»

«Who was this officer?»

«His name is Berger. He has the command on the airfield Celle near Hanover to organize the air fleet of Franco from Germany.»

«So you state that a German soldier today must obey blindly the agent of foreign high traitors in Germany?»


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