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The Spanish Civil War

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A special target of the artillery is the Palacio Nacional. The front at the Plazza dela Lumeria is destroyed, the arcades are completely destroyed, the inside is darkened by the sand bags stacked before the windows. The republicans protect the historical monuments of monarchism. The paintings of Velasquez, Goya, Rafael Mengs, were transfered to secure places. The ceiling paintings and decorations of Tiepolo, which could not be secured, are perforated, partially destroyed. More than five thousand bombs were thrown by the «nationalists» on the kings palace.

1937. May 11, June 7, October 11, November 27, 1938. February 21, March 22. In the chronicle these are the hardest days, which Madrid had to go through. For the population of Madrid these days hardly differ from the other thousand days. Madrid has choosen between enslavement and defense of the liberty: «No pasaran!» -and the fascist planes revenge at defenseless children and women.


After the defeat at Madrid Franco directed his troops towards the most remote, most badly protected city, which had remained in republican hands. In Malaga there were no regular government troops, no republican airplanes, no air defense at that time in January 1937. There was not even ammunition, after the bridge to Motril was blown up several weeks ago. Betrayal and sabotage prevented the defense. Franco could have marched into Malaga without encountering any organized resistance. Malaga was the most open of all open cities.

People in Malaga were used of street-life during the day, except the hottest hours at noon. Confine dwellings, small shops, small windowless cafes. A curtain between the inside and the street. Whenever heat permits, everyone leaves the modest houses. Even in winter the street remains the collecting station of the life. Spring begins in January. Through the vapor of the streets and the fish smells ascending from the port fresh sea air penetrates.

On January 12, Franco's planes appeared. Warships fire from the sea-side. This assault caused the death of 300 persons and 1000 injured in Malaga, in the majority women and children.

The civilian population fleeing from Malaga was shot on the road to Motril by Junkers airplanes with machine guns.


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